Lace Glue Essentials

7 products

7 products

Detroit's Source for the Best Lace Glue!


Achieve a seamless and secure application with our "Lace Glue Essentials" at Private Label, the premier hair company in Detroit, Michigan.

This category features essential products like skin prep, lace glue, and lace glue remover, designed to ensure a flawless and comfortable wear.

Our skin prep prepares your skin for a strong bond, while our premium lace glue guarantees a secure hold for your lace front wigs and closures.

When it's time to remove your wig or closure, our gentle yet effective lace glue remover makes the process easy and safe.

Embraced by our clientele in Detroit and beyond, Private Label's Lace Glue Essentials represent the epitome of quality and reliability.

Elevate your hair extension experience with our top-tier Lace Glue Essentials and enjoy the confidence of a perfect, long-lasting hold.


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